Raw materials, additives and organic pigments for the formulation of polyurethane, neoprene and epoxy adhesives. Flame retardant and functional fillers, antimicrobial and anti-mold.



AQUALINK: reactive, blocked isocyanates in aqueous dispersion.
AQUANOX: Aqueous dispersions of light stabilizers antioxidants and zinc oxides.
AQUAREZ: Aqueous dispersions of tackifiers of various kinds.

PEA - LUPRAGEN: Amine polyether to be used as hardener and flexibilizer of epoxy and polyurethane systems.

GRAPHITE: Macro and microcrystalline natural graphite to be used as a conductive filler.
GRAPHITE ES: Expandable graphite with intumescent action. Complies with UL94-V0.

JELUXYL: Hard and soft wood fibers.
JELUCELL: White and gray cellulose fibers.

SNOWTACK: Aqueous dispersions of tackifiers (rosin esters), with different melting points.
PINEREZ: Esters of rosin, in solid form (pellets), deriving from buds and / or tall oil.

APYRAL: Idrossidi di alluminio precipitati e macinati, incolori e trasparenti. Carica pirogena per formulazioni ritardanti di fiamma non intumescenti; non sviluppa fumi neri e tossici, resistente all’acqua.

D.E.H .: Adducts and amine, polyamine, polyamide and cycloaliphatic hardeners. Also water based.
D.E.R .: Epoxy resins, pure, modified and water based.

ROKOPOL: Polyether polyols for polyurethane formulations.
ROFLAM: Phosphorus based liquid flame retardants (TCPP). Chlorinated and non-halogenated.

PIN-FLOC: Natural and synthetic fibers, polypropylene and acrylonitrile, cut or ground.

POLYTONE: alkyl phenolic resins for solvent-based neoprene adhesives.

PERLITE - Hollow inorganic lightening microspheres.

ULTRAFRESH: Antimicrobial additives, including silver ions, for long-term protection of end products from micro-organisms, algae, fungi and mites.

WANTHANE: Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU), ether and ester base, aromatic and aliphatic.
ADWEL: Polyurethane dispersions (PUD)

QUINTONE: Resine idrocarboniche (alifatiche e alifatiche-aromatiche) per la formulazione di adesivi base solvente e Hot Melt (EVA, PO metallocenici, SBS, etc).
QUINTAC: Elastomero termoplastico con struttura a blocchi polistirene/poliisoprene SIS. Eccellente viscosità adesività e stabilità termica.