Since 1980, Pagliara Spa Chemicals distributes in Italy chemical products with high technological content on behalf of prestigious foreign companies.

The main application areas are paints and coating, adhesives, chemicals for buildings, plastics, refractories, ceramics and electronics.

Pagliara Chemicals Spa is distinguished for its efficiency, availability, expertise and flexibility.

Thanks to the collaboration of specialized warehouses and forwarders, the majority of them with Quality System Certificate, offers logistics services characterized by high professionalism and punctuality.

For in-depth knowledge of markets, financial strength, flexibility and efficiency of commercial action, Pagliara Prodotti Chimici Spa is the ideal distributor, collaborative and transparent for the specialty chemical manufacturer and the supplier competent and reliable for the customer.

Always looking for innovative products, Pagliara Prodotti Chimici Spa has introduced and developed over the years several chemical specialties and advanced additive system, then become the basis of widely used technologies, starting from the silicate paints, water varnishes up to flame retardant compounds and technical ceramics.